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Hospice Validation Utility Tool (VUT) v1.7.0 - Effective 1/1/2021

Release Notes

The Validation Utility Tool (VUT) is a software utility that can be used to validate HIS submission files in XML format. The tool enforces the edits that are mapped to the HIS items, as published in the Hospice Data Submission Specifications. VUT version 1.7.0 adds support for v3.00.0 of the Hospice Data Submission Specifications which was updated to reflect the removal of Section O items.
These edits are effective January 01, 2021.

Please note that there are a few edits which the VUT cannot support, because they are edits against existing ASAP system data. The VUT does not interface with the ASAP system and cannot confirm those edits.

Last Modified on 3/26/2021