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Upgraded Assessment Submission & Reporting System for LTCHs is now available in iQIES

Mar 26, 2019

Dear LTCH Provider:

On February 28, 2019, CMS sent an email to Long-Term Care Hospitals (LTCHs) indicating that in coming weeks, all LTCH users will be required to access the enhanced assessment submission and processing (ASAP) system, Internet Quality Improvement & Evaluation System (iQIES), to submit patient assessments and view reports.

As of March 25th, the Long-Term Care Hospital Continuity Assessment Record and Evaluation (LTCH CARE) Submission functionality within the QIES Assessment Submission & Processing (ASAP) system is no longer available and users are required to access iQIES to submit patient assessments and view associated reports. Before accessing iQIES, you must create an account and establish credentials in the Healthcare Quality Information System (HCQIS) Access Roles and Profile system (HARP). Here’s how you can set up a HARP user account to access iQIES:


  1. Select Create an Account from the iQIES landing page at or visit: . HARP is a security identity management portal provided by CMS.
  2. Follow the four steps in HARP to create an account and set up a two-factor authentication.
  3. From the iQIES landing page, enter the User ID and Password and select Log In, then follow the instructions for two-factor authentication.
  4. Complete the Access Request Form. Enter the required information to request your iQIES role and access to providers, if applicable.

To learn more about how to submit data or run reports please review the instructional training videos available on the iQIES Help page upon login. 

For assistance with HARP onboarding or any questions related to iQIES, users can call the QIES Technical Support Office QTSO Helpdesk at (800) 339-9313 or e-mail:

Please send general feedback and inquires to

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