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Updates to LTCH QM Reports

Sep 13, 2018

Effective 10/01/2018, there will be enhancements to CASPER QM Reports. These updates will include:

  • New risk adjustments for measures NQF# 2632 and 0678 with recalculated measure results
  • Measures NQF#2631 and 2632 will have updated measure calculations due to item response changes
  • Claims based measures in the Facility Level report will have column headers now state:
    • "Number of Readmissions"
    • "Observed Readmission Rate"
    • "National Observed Readmission Rate"
  • Removed the ‘All-Cause Unplanned Readmission Measure for 30 Days Post-Discharge from Long-Term Care Hospitals (NQF #2512)’ measure from the LTCH Facility-Level Quality Measure report, effective 10/01/2018
  • Measures NQF#0680A-C will be displayed as N/A effective 07/01/2018 since items are optional
  • Measure NQF#0678 will display results from ‘07/01/2017-06/30/2018’ until removed

If you have any questions concerning this information, please contact the QTSO Help Desk at or 1 (800) 339-9313.

Last Modified on 9/13/2018