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Updates to HHA Preview Reports

Sep 13, 2018

Effective 10/01/2018, there will be enhancements to upcoming Provider Preview Reports. These updates will include:

  • Adding two new OASIS measures:
    • Drug Regimen Review Conducted with Follow-up for Identified Issues
    • Percent of Residents or Patients with Pressure Ulcers That Are New or Worsened
  • Added three new claims-based measures:
    • Potentially Preventable Readmission (PPR) 30-Day Post-Discharge from Post-Acute Care (PAC) Home Health
    • Discharge to Community from Post-Acute Care (PAC) Home Health
    • Medicare Spending per Beneficiary (MSPB) Post-Acute Care (PAC) Home Health
  • Updated the calculation for the Timely Initiation of Care measure for episodes with a SOC/ROC date (M0030/M0032) of 01/12/2018 and later.
  • The existing footnote indicators shall be modified to numeric values from the asterisk (*) system

If you have any questions concerning this information, please contact the QTSO Help Desk at or 1 (800) 339-9313.

Last Modified on 3/31/2020