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Register for an iQIES Account - Action Required

Oct 15, 2019

Dear Home Health Agency (HHA):

The Quality Improvement and Evaluation System (QIES) is being upgraded to make the system more reliable, scalable, secure, and accessible. The enhanced system, referred to as the internet Quality Improvement and Evaluation System (iQIES), aims to reduce provider burden and enhance CMS’s ability to serve our customers.

The initial rollout of iQIES will not change how providers or vendors submit data. However, iQIES will require a new user management system because virtual private network (VPN) and CMSNet are no longer needed to access this system. All users will have to create an account and establish credentials in the HCQIS Access Roles and Profile system (HARP), which is a secure identity management portal provided by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

To register for access to iQIES, follow the steps below. PLEASE NOTE: It may be helpful to first review the iQIES training video ‘How to Create an Account’ that demonstrates this process:

  1. Register in the HARP system at: HARP uses Experian to remotely verify a user’s identity by applying the data that a user provides, such as date of birth and social security number, to generate a list of personal questions for the user to answer to verify his or her identity. PLEASE NOTE: Some users who attempt to register in HARP may receive an error message stating that their email address already exists. This most likely means that you have completed some level of identity proofing in the past and that you have an EIDM account. If this is the case, you will need to login to HARP using your EIDM login information. If you don’t remember your login information, you will need to contact the QualityNet Help Desk at or 866-288-8912.
  2. After you register in the HARP system (or login if you are an EIDM user) you will be directed to set up two-factor authentication. *If you are an EIDM user, you will then need to login to HARP a second time; this will ensure that you are able to access iQIES to request your role (step 3 below).
  3. Request your role in iQIES. Login to iQIES at the following URL: using your HARP User ID and Password (EIDM login information if you are an EIDM user). Next, verify your account using two-factor authentication and then select ‘Submit.’ PLEASE NOTE: For a better user experience, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox to access iQIES.
  4. Select 'Request User Role' on the Welcome to iQIES page. There are four steps to request an iQIES role:
  • Select the 'User Category.'
  • Select a 'User Role.' For a summary description of iQIES roles that are applicable to your organization, please see the ‘iQIES User Roles’ section of this document (listed below). PLEASE NOTE: If your organization has not yet selected and registered a Security Official, you will not be able to request a role. We are requesting that HHAs establish at least 2 provider security officials for each facility that would be responsible for approving users to ensure a smooth transition. 
  • Select your Organization(s). Requests for the Vendor or Provider categories include the requirement to add one or more CMS Certification Numbers (CCNs). This enables access to those providers. As CCNs are entered, those providers are added to the list of permission requests. An error message will be displayed on the screen if an invalid CCN number has been entered.
  • Once all required data is provided, select 'Submit Request.' A 'Role Request Submitted' message will be displayed on the My Profile page stating that your approval status will be emailed* to you after your request is reviewed.

*After you have successfully completed the steps listed above, an email notification will be sent informing you that your iQIES account access request has been approved.

Thank you for following these registration instructions and taking the first step towards the future of iQIES patient assessment submission and reporting. Please be aware that although we strongly suggest that HHAs request access to iQIES now, assessment submission and reporting functionality will not be available until January 1, 2020.  Failure to obtain access to iQIES prior to December 23, 2019 will impact your ability to submit assessment data needed for payment purposes, as the system will have a scheduled downtime so that the data migration can occur in preparation for the January 1, 2020 release. There will be additional communications forthcoming to notify HHA users when iQIES will be available for assessment submission and reporting.

iQIES User Roles

Assessment Submitter: The Assessment Submitter role has the ability to upload patient assessments (XML/zip files) and is also able to generate and view reports.

Provider Administrator: The Provider Administrator role can create and manage patient profiles. This role is also able to create, manage, submit, modify, and inactivate patient assessments. Provider Administrators can generate and view reports. This role cannot upload patient assessments.

Provider Assessment Coordinator: The Provider Assessment Coordinator role is able to create and manage patient profiles, as well as create, manage and submit patient assessments. This role is able to generate and view reports.  This role cannot upload patient assessments.

Provider Assessment Viewer: The Provider Assessment Viewer role is limited to finding and viewing patient profiles and their assessments. This role is able to generate and view reports. This role cannot upload patient assessments.

Provider Security Official: The Security Provider Official role is responsible for approving or rejecting iQIES user access for organizations in HARP. Security officials can also upload, create, manage, submit, modify, and inactivate patient assessments, create and manage patient profiles and generate and view reports.

For assistance with HARP onboarding, users can call the QTSO Help Desk at (800) 339-9313 or e-mail If you have any questions related to iQIES, please send them to

Additional information on HARP 

To watch a video detailing the HARP registration process, visit:


To watch a video explaining HARP manual proofing, visit:


To view the fact sheet on HARP Identity Proofing, visit:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to HARP can be accessed using the following link:


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