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Quality of Patient Care Star Rating Preview Reports

Apr 14, 2016

Preview reports for the Quality of Patient Care star ratings that will be posted in July 2016 are now available for download. To access your Quality of Patient Care Provider Preview reports, select the CASPER Reporting link located on the CMS QIES Systems for Providers - OASIS page. Once in the CASPER Reporting system, select the 'Folders' button and access the Home Health Quality of Patient Care Star Rating Provider Preview Report in your 'st HHA facid' folder, where "st" is the 2-character postal code of the state in which your agency is located and "facid" is the state-assigned Agency ID of your agency. Contact the QIES Technical Support Office for help accessing your report. The deadline for requesting review and suppression of the rating result is April 25, 2016. More information about the star rating calculation and the process for submitting a review request are included in the preview report.

Last Modified on 4/13/2018