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PBJ XSD File Update (V2.00.3) for PBJ Data Submission Specifications V2.00.0

Feb 21, 2017

A new PBJ XSD file (V2.00.3) and an associated readme file is now available in the download section at V2.00.3 of the XSD can be used after the QIES March downtime of 3/19/2017. This XSD implements the changes described in Issues 07 and 08 of the PBJ Data Submission Specifications Errata V2.00.3. This XSD is for use with PBJ submission XML files having item fileSpecVersion equal to "2.00.3". Please refer to the PBJ XSD Readme file for specifics on how the XSD code has changed for this version.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The PBJ System will also continue to support the submission of PBJ XML files conforming to the previous XSD file (V2.00.0) and having fileSpecVersion equal to "2.00.0".

Last Modified on 3/20/2018