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LTCH Quality Measure Reports Changes Effective October 22, 2018

Oct 19, 2018

LTCH Quality Measure Reports

Measure Removed and Updates to the Functional Outcome Measures Display

Effective October 22, 2018


The Confidential Feedback Reports, also referred to as the Facility-Level and Patient-Level Quality Measure (QM) reports have been updated to remove a quality measure. These on-demand, user-requested reports, are available via the Certification And Survey Provider Enhanced Reports (CASPER) Reporting System. These reports can be used to provide feedback to help providers identify data errors and improve quality of care. They are intended to be used for internal purposes only and not for public display.


Claims-based quality measure removed from the Facility-Level QM report: 

All-Cause Unplanned Readmission Measure for 30 Days Post Discharge from Long-Term Care Hospitals (NQF #2512)



For the measure listed below, the report labels “Crude Readmission Rate” and “National Crude Readmission Rate” were revised to “Observed Readmission Rate” and “National Observed Readmission Rate”:

  • Potentially Preventable 30-Day Post-Discharge Readmission Measure for Long-Term Care Hospital Quality Reporting Program

Please note that CDC NHSN and claims-based quality measures are not included on the patient-level QM reports.


To learn more about the QM reports, please refer to the following:

 If you have questions about the information contained in your report, please contact the

LTCH QRP Help Desk:

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