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LTCH QRP Reports Now Available in iQIES and UTC Time Display on Reports

Nov 21, 2019

LTCH QRP Reports Now Available

The Long Term Care Hospital (LTCH) Quality Reporting Program (QRP) reports that were previously available in the Quality Improvement and Evaluation System (QIES) CASPER Reporting application are now available in the internet Quality Improvement and Evaluation System (iQIES).  Below is a list of the reports that are now available in iQIES:

LTCH QRP Reports

• LTCH Review and Correct Report
• LTCH Facility-Level Quality Measure (QM) Report
• LTCH Patient-Level Quality Measure (QM) Report

For detailed information regarding how the LTCH CARE Data Set (LCDS) assessment-based measures are calculated, refer to the LTCH Measure Calculations and Reporting User's Manual V3.1 that is available on the CMS website at:

For detailed information regarding the LTCH QRP reports in iQIES, refer to the LTCH Quality Reporting Spotlight Announcements page on the CMS website:

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
The submission date and time are recorded in the database for LCDS records submitted to iQIES.  The time is stored in Coordinated Universal Time or UTC, which is five hours ahead of Eastern Time (ET).  When time is displayed on reports, such as the Submission Date and Time on the Final Validation Reports, providers have been accustomed to seeing the time displayed in ET; however, iQIES currently displays the UTC time instead. In the future, iQIES reports and the View Assessments page will be enhanced to display the ET rather than UTC.

       NOTE: Prior to evaluating the submission timeliness of LCDS records for the LTCH QRP, iQIES converts the UTC time to   Eastern Time.
If you need assistance accessing iQIES, please consult the designated Security Official for your organization or contact the iQIES help desk via phone at (877) 201-4721 or by email:
If you have questions regarding the information above, please contact the iQIES help desk via phone at (877) 201-4721 or by email:

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