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LTCH iQIES Information Update - No Action Required

May 21, 2019

The LTCH CARE Data Set (LCDS) assessment records submitted from or on behalf of your provider are being processed and validated in the Quality Improvement and Evaluation System (QIES) and the new internet Quality Improvement and Evaluation System (iQIES) until the time that the transition from QIES to iQIES is fully complete.


As part of the system transition, there may be instances when resubmission of the LCDS records to the iQIES system is required. To reduce burden on your provider, the resubmission of the records during this transition time period will be handled automatically by the iQIES team.  The resubmission of the LCDS records will result in a new final validation report in the iQIES system.  You may notice that subsequent final validation reports from iQIES shows LCDS records that were rejected with fatal error -907 (Duplicate Assessment: The submitted record is a duplicate of a previously submitted record).  This fatal error is to be expected as a result of the resubmission of the LCDS records and requires no action on your part. 

Thank you for your patience during this transition period.  If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the QTSO Help Desk at (877) 201-4721 or

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