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HHA Review and Correct Report Calculations Performed

Feb 12, 2018

Last week HHAs were notified of an issue which prevented the February 5, 2018 weekly calculations for the HHA Review and Correct Report, and that any OASIS records submitted beginning January 29, 2018 had not yet been included in the calculations for the HHA Review and Correct Report.

This issue has been corrected, and calculations have been performed for all OASIS records submitted between January 29, 2018 and February 11, 2018. The updated calculations for those records should now be apparent for the Open periods within any new HHA Review and Correct Reports that are requested. The regular weekly calculations resumed on February 12, 2018.

If you have any questions concerning this information, please contact the QTSO Help Desk at or 1 (800) 339-9313.

Last Modified on 2/10/2020