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---- A ----


AAAASF: American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities

AAAHC: Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care

AABB: American Association of Blood Banks

AANAC: American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordinators

A/B MAC: Part A and Part B Medicare Administrative Contractor

ACA: Affordable Care Act

ACC: Ambulatory Care Center

ACO: ASPEN Central Office

ACTS: ASPEN Complaints/Incidents Tracking System

ADL: Activities of Daily Living

AEM: ASPEN Enforcement Manager

AHA: American Hospital Association

AHCA: American Healthcare Association

AGNS: AT&T Global Network Services

AHFSA: Association of Health Facility Survey Agencies

AHIMA: American Health Information Management Association

AHRQ: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

ALJ: Administrative Law Judge

AMA: American Medical Association

AMPRA: American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association

AO: Accrediting Organization

AOA: American Osteopathic Association

AOTA: America Occupational Therapy Association

APTA: American Physical Therapy Association

ARO: ASPEN Regional Office

ASAP: Assessment Submission and Processing

ASC: Ambulatory Surgical Center

ASE: ASPEN Survey Explorer

AEM: ASPEN Survey Explorer-Quality

ASHA: American Speech Language Hearing Association

ASHE: American Society for Healthcare Engineering

ASHI: American Society of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics

ASSURE: Accrediting Organization System for Storing User Recorded Experiences

ASPEN: Automated Survey Processing Environment

AST: ASPEN Scheduling & Tracking

AWEB: ASPEN Web Application





---- B ----


BBA: Balanced Budget Act





---- C ----


C&T: Certification & Transmittal (CMS-1539)

CAA: Care Area Assessment

CAH: Critical Access Hospital

CAP: College of American Pathologists

CARF: CMS Analysis and Reconstruction Framework

CASPER: Certification and Survey Provider Enhanced Reporting

CAUTI: Catheter-Associated Unirinary Tract Infections

CBRF: Community-Based Residential Facility

CBSA: Core Based Statistical Area

CBT: Computer Based Training

CCRC: Continuing Care Retirement Community

CCSQ: Center of Clinical Standards and Quality

CCW: Cronic Conditions Warehouse

CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CFR: Code of Federal Regulation

CHAP: Community Health Accreditation Program

CHI: Consolidate Health Informatics

CHOW: Change of Ownership

CLABSI: Central Line-Associated Blood Stream Infections

CLIA: Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments

CM: Center for Medicare

CMG: Case Mix Group

CMHC: Community Mental Health Centers

CMI: Case Mix Index

CMP: Civil Money Penalty

CMPTS: Civil Money Penalty Tracking System

CMS: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

CMSNet: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Network

CNA: Certified Nursing Assistant

CNM: Certified Nurse Midwife

CNP: Certified Nurse Practitioner

CNS: Clinical Nurse Specialist

CO: Central Office

COBRA: Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985

COLA: Commission of Office Laboratory Accreditation

COMP: Complaint

COPs or CoPs: Conditions of Participation

CORF: Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities

CY: Calendar Year





---- D ----


DAB: Departmental Appeals Board

DAVE: Data Verification Evaluation


DC: Dually Certified

DD: Developmentally Disabled

DHHS: Department of Health and Human Services

DMS: Data Management System

DMS: Division of Medical Services

DMS: Disposable Medical Supplies

DNS: Division of National Systems

DOC: Date of Correction

DOJ: Department of Justice

DON: Director of Nursing

DoPNA or DPNA: Denial of Payment for New Admissions

DP: Distinct Part

DPU: Distinct Part Unit

DSI: Division of Safety Inspection

DUA: Data Use Agreement





---- E ----


EDC: Enterprise Data Center

EMS: Emergency Medical Services

EMT: Emergency Medical Technician

EMTALA: Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act

ePOC: Electronic Plan of Correction

ESRD: End-Stage Renal Disease


---- F ----


FAQ: Frequently Asked Question

FDD: Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled

FFHC: Federally Funded Health Center

FPP: Federal Financial Participation

FI: Fiscal Intermediary

FIPS: Federal Information Processing Standards

FISMA: Federal Information Security Management Act

FISS: Fiscal Intermediary Shared System

FMS: Federal Monitoring Survey

FOIA: Freedom of Information Act

FOQIS: Federal Oversight Quality Indicator Survey

FOSS: Federal Oversight Support Survey

FQHC: Federally Qualified Health Center

FSES: Fire Safety Evaluation System

FY: Fiscal Year





---- G ----

GAO: General Accountability Office






---- H ----


HAVEN: Home Assessment Validation and Entry System

HCPCS : HCFA Common Procedure Coding System

HH&H MAC: Home Health & Hospice Medicare Administrative Contractor

HHA: Home Health Agency

HHS: Health & Human Services

HICN: Health Insurance Claim Number

HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HIPPS: Health Insurance Prospective Payment System

HOS: Hospice

HPMS: Health Plan Management System

HRSA: Health Resources and Services Administration





---- I ----


IAA: Interagency Agreement

ICD-x-CM: International Classification of Diseases-(version) x-Clinical Modification

ICF/MR: Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded

ID: Intellectual Disability

IDR: Informal Dispute Resolution

IJ: Immediate Jeopardy

IRF: Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility

IRVEN: Inpatient Rehabilitation Validation and Entry System

ISN: Intensive Skilled Nursing

ISP: Internet Service Provider

IV&V: Independent Verification and Validation





---- J ----


JAD: Joint Application Development

jHAVEN: Java Home Assessment Validation and Entry System

jIRVEN: Java Inpatient Rehabilitation Validation and Entry System

jRAVEN: Java Resident Assessment Validation and Entry System





---- K ----






---- L ----


LASER: LTCH Assessment Submission Entry & Reporting

LOINC: Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes

LPN: Licensed Practical Nurse

LSC: Life Safety Code

LTC: Long Term Care

LTCH: Long Term Care Hospital

LTCH Care Data Set: Long Term Care Hospital Continuity Assessment Record & Evaluation Data Set





---- M ----


MAC: Medicare Administrative Contractor

MARET: MDS Active Resident Episode Table

MDPNA: Mandatory Denial of Payment for New Admissions

MDS: Minimum Data Set

MedPAC: Medicare Payment Advisory Commission

MedQIC: Medicare Quality Improvement Community

MH: Mental Health

MMA: Medicare Modernization Act

MOU: Memorandum of Understanding

MPAF: Medicare PPS Assessment Form

MPDIMA: Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003

MSA: Medicaid State Agency

MTF: Military Treatment Facility





---- N ----


NA: Nursing Aide

NAHC: National Association for Home Care and Hospice

NASL: National Association for the Support of Long Term Care

NATCEP: Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program

NCCNHR: National Citizens Coalition for Nursing Home Reform

NCD: National Coverage Determination

NCF: Nursing Care Facility

NCH: National Claims History

NDM: Network Data Mover

NF: Nursing Facility

NH: Nursing Home

NHPCO: National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

NHQI: Nursing Home Quality Initiative

NPI: National Provider Identifier

NPRM: Notice of Proposed Rule Making

NQF: National Quality Forum

NTA: Non-therapy ancillary





---- O ----


OAC: OASIS Automation Coordinator

OASIS: Outcome and Assessment Information Set

OBQI: Outcome Based Quality Improvement

OBQM: Outcome Based Quality Monitoring

OBRA: Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987

ODIE: Online Data Input and Edit

OEC: OASIS Educational Coordinator

OGC: Office of General Counsel

OIG: Office of Inspector General

OMB: Office of Management and Budget

OMR: Office of Medical Review

OMR: Oversight Management Reporting

OMRA: Other Medicare Required Assessment

OOT: Outpatient Occupational Therapy

OPO: Organ Procurement Organization

OPT: Outpatient Physical Therapy

OSCAR: Online Survey Certification and Reporting

OSORA: Office of Strategic Operations and Regulatory Affairs

OSP: Outpatient Speech Pathologist

OT: Occupational Therapy

OTC: Opportunity to Correct

OTIP: Outpatient Therapist in Independent Practice





---- P ----


P&A: State Protection & Advocacy Agency

PACE: Program for All-inclusive Care for the Elderly

PAD: Privacy Accountability Database

PAI: Patient Assessment Instrument

PASRR: Preadmission Screening and Resident Review

PECOS: Provider Enrollment Chain and Ownership System

POC: Plan of Correction

PPS: Prospective Payment System

PRA: Paperwork Reduction Act

PRTF: Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility

PSC: Program Safeguard Contractors

PT: Physical Therapy

PT: Proficiency Testing





---- Q ----


QI: Quality Indicator

QIES: Quality Improvement and Evaluation System

QIO: Quality Improvement Organization

QIOSC: Quality Improvement Organization Support Contractor

QIS: Quality Indicator Survey

QIVA: QualityNet Information Vulnerability Alert

QM: Quality Measures

QMRP: Qualified Mental Retardation Professional

QRP: Quality Reporting Program

QSA: QIES State Security Administration

QTSO: QIES Technical Support Office

QUMA: QIES User Maintenance Application

QW: QIES Workbench





---- R ----


RAD: Rapid Application Development

RAI: Resident Assessment Instrument

RAP: Resident Assessment Protocol

RAVEN: Resident Assessment Validation and Entry System

RHC: Rural Health Clinic

RMC: Rural Medical Center

RN: Registered Nurse

RO: Regional Office

ROC: Resumption of Care

RUG: Resource Utilization Group





---- S ----


SA: State Agency (usually refers to the survey agency)

SAM: System Administrator Manual

SAN: Storage Area Network

SB: Swing Bed

SBO: Strategic Business Objectives

SC: Survey and Certification

SCMR: Survey and Certification Management Reporting

SDLC: System Development Life Cycle

SDPS: Standard Data Processing System

SFF: Special Focus Facilities

SLP: Speech Language Pathology

SMA: State Medicaid Agency

SNF: Skilled Nursing Facility

SNOMED: Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine

SOC: Start of Care

SOD: Statement of Deficiency

SOM: State Operations Manual

SoR: System of Records

SOW: Statement of Work

SQC: Substandard Quality of Care

SQL: Structured Query Language

SRF: Survey Report Form

SS: Scope & Severity

SSA: Social Security Administration

SSN: Social Security Number

SSO: Strategic Systems Objectives

STAR: Surveyor Technical Assistant for Renal Disease

STM: Staff Time Management

STRIVE: Staff Time Resource Intensity Verification





---- T ----


T18: Title XVIII - Medicare

T19: Title XIX - Medicaid

TJC: The Joint Commission

TLA: Time-Limited Agreement





---- U ----


UR: Utilization Review

USPHS: U.S. Public Health Service

USTF: Uniformed Service Treatment Facilities





---- V ----


VA: Veterans Affairs

VNA: Visiting Nurses Association

VPN: Virtual Private Network

VUT: Validation Utility Tool





---- W ----


WBT: Web-Based Training





---- X ----


---- Y ----


---- Z ----


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