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jRAVEN 1.3.0

jRAVEN 1.3.0

jRAVEN 1.3.0

Release Notes

A production version of jRAVEN software (Version 1.3.0) is now available to download.

To install jRAVEN 1.3.0 please follow the jRAVEN 1.3.0 Installation Guide.

jRAVEN 1.3.0 includes the following updates: 

  • Item Set changes
  • Data Specification updates
  • VUT update
  • HotKey updates
  • ICD 10
  • Help Contents/RAI manual updates
  • New Disclaimer and CAM verbiage
  • Cosmetic Report changes
  • Enhanced Resident Match
  • Facility Information Display
  • Resident Lock/Unlock
  • Encryption updates
  • Server upgrade
  • Database restore enhancements

Note: If jRAVEN has NOT been upgraded to at least 1.2.0, this must be done BEFORE installing version 1.3.0. Please contact the QTSO Help Desk at 800-339-9313 OR for additional instructions or assistance if needed. 

Install Instructions

When using the Network Client/Server Installation it is recommended that ALL jRAVEN Client installations be upgraded to the latest version prior to logging into the application. 

Users that have NOT previously installed jRAVEN and wish to install a Network Client/Server version (intended for a group of users with a designated database server in a separate location) should:

  • Begin by reviewing the jRAVEN 1.3.0 Installation Guide.
  • Use the jRAVENServerSetup_1.3.0.exe.
  • Use the jRAVENSetup_1.3.0.exe to install the jRAVEN Client to each workstation.

Note: Please continue to regularly check the QTSO Web site for software updates or additional information.

Last Modified on 2/10/2020