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jIRVEN 1.3.0

Release Notes

jIRVEN software (Version 1.3.0) is now available for download which includes the following enhancements:

  • v2.00.0 Data Specifications
  • v2.00.4 Data Specifications Errata
  • v1.4 IRF Patient Assessment Instrument (effective 10/01/2016)
  • Updated CMG DLL Package v2.90
  • Import functionality compliant with the IRF Data Specifications
  • New! Facility Information Tab on Assessment Screen
  • New! Informational Messages (Installation & Data Restore)


Please visit the following CMS website for the most current IRF-PAI Clinical Training Manual. Section 4, Quality Indicators, contains item-specific guidance which has been subdivided into sections of the IRF-PAI.

For additional technical support or questions related to jIRVEN please contact the QTSO Help Desk by calling 800-339-9313 or by email to Please continue to regularly check the QTSO website for software updates and/or additional related information.

Install Instructions

When using the Network Client/Server configuration it is recommended that ALL jIRVEN Network Client installations be upgraded to the latest version prior to logging into the application. All Network Client applications should be closed when upgrading or installing a new server. Failure to do so may result in loss of data.

The Network installation is intended for a group of users with a designated database server in a separate location. Each user will have the jIRVEN Network Client installed on their PC and the database will be stored in a network location. Users that have not yet installed jIRVEN and wish to use the Network/Client configuration should: 

  1. Begin by reviewing the jIRVEN Installation Guide v1.3.0.
  2. Use the jIRVENServerSetup-1.3.0.exe.
  3. Use the jIRVENSetup-1.3.0.exe to install the jIRVEN Network Client to each workstation.
Last Modified on 8/14/2018