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IRF-PAI Validation Utility Tool (VUT) v1.4.0

Release Notes

The Validation Utility Tool (VUT) is a software utility that can be used to validate IRF-PAI submission files in XML format. The tool enforces the edits that are mapped to the IRF-PAI items, as published in the IRF-PAI Data Specifications. The initial VUT release incorporated the v1.10.1 Data Specifications. The second release added support for the V1.11.1 Data Specifications. The third release incorporated the v1.12.0 Data Specifications. In addition, a new command-line parameter, NOSETUP, was added to allow users of listener mode to bypass the VUT UI screen (using the parameters established in VUT.XML). The fourth release added support for version 2.00.0 of the IRF-PAI Data Specifications as well as the 2.00.4 IRF-PAI Data Specification Errata. The 1.4.0 VUT release adds support for version 2.01.0 IRF-PAI Data Specifications which are effective October 1, 2017 while continuing to support all older versions previously mentioned. ICD-9 and ICD-10 lookup functionality has been discontinued per CMS direction. ICD codes will continue to be checked for format errors only.

Please note that there are edits which the VUT cannot support because they are edits against existing ASAP system data. The VUT does not interface with ASAP therefore it cannot confirm those edits.

Last Modified on 7/23/2018